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Arabic Numbers RealAudio® enabled

Although we use a system we call "Arabic numerals," the numbering system in Arabic is different. It is derived from Indian numerals. The system is as follows (click on the "Play" arrow to hear the numbers with RealPlayer®):


1 2 3
4 5 6 7
8 9 10


While Arabic letters are written from right-to-left, numbers in Arabic are written from left-to-right.

For example:

is the number "127," NOT "721."

Some countries, such as Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, use our "Arabic" numerals, for example 1965 instead of .


bulletNew Theory on the Typographical Roots of Hindu Arabic Numbers and Brahmi Scripts:
bulletEvolution of Numerals Arabic, Latin, and Brahmi Scripts:
bulletHindu Arabic Numeric Medieval Ideograms:

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