Francophone World

Why Study French?

Dozens of reasons why French can benefit you! 

The World of French

In today’s increasingly competitive world market, advanced technologies and globalization have made international communication a necessity. French is a vibrant language spoken by over 300 million people all over the world in over 50 countries.

French is also an important and useful language in the United States.  French is the 3rd most widely-spoken foreign language in the US (after Spanish and Chinese) and in Ohio (after Spanish and German). French is the only language in the US other than Spanish that is studied by more than one million students. In fact, there are more students who study French in the US than students of German, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Italian, Hebrew, and Arabic combined!

On this site, you will experience the sites and sounds of the Francophone world as well as learning about the numerous benefits of studying French such as:

  • communicate with people all over the world
  • improve your SAT scores by up to 125 points
  • improve your professional opportunities
  • and, best of all, it's fun!

Quoi de neuf?  There is always something new in the French-speaking world!