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French Links

Chartres Cathedral

French News (Audio/Video) | French-language Newspapers | Currency Converter | French Grammar | Francophone Culture | Francophone Comics (BD) | French Magazines | French Government | French-language Newspapers | French Grammar | French Magazines | French Government | French Education | French History | On visite le monde francophone | French Stores | French Restaurants/Food | French Transportation | French Technology & Industries | Canadian Government | Canadian Transportation | Canadian Industries | Why Study French?


French News (Audio/Video)

bulletTF1 video news - Streamed video clips of current news. Requires RealPlayer®.
bulletTV5- French satellite/cable TV station with streamed video news clips. Requires RealPlayer®.
bulletFrance 24- International news in French, English, and Arabic
bulletFrance 2 video news - Streamed video clips of current news. Requires RealPlayer®.
bulletFrance 3 video news streamed video clips of current news. Requires RealPlayer®.
bulletFrance 5- French TV network
bulletArte- French TV network
bulletM6- French TV network
bulletCanal Plus- French cable TV network
bulletTélérama- information on French TV and cinema; includes TV program guide
bullet Tunisia TV- broadcasts in French and Arabic with RealPlayer®
bulletLCI (La Chaîne Info) live video- live video stream of current broadcasts. Requires RealPlayer®.
bulletRadio France Internationale hear streamed radio broadcasts fifteen minutes after they are aired in Paris. Requires RealPlayer®.
bulletRadio Canada- audio and video from Canadian radio and TV.
bulletRadio Canada International- news reports and audio eight languages
bulletSCOLA schedules for news broadcasts from around the world. portal with links to sites streaming audio and video on the web portal with links to sites streaming audio and video on the web (most links require ISDN, DSL, Cable, or T1 connection)  الجزيرة- TV broadcasts in Arabic
French-language Newspapers
bulletLe Monde read the front page and selected articles from Paris' most prestigious daily newspaper including Want Ads. Front page requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
bulletLibération full text articles from French daily newspaper. Includes Want Ads. Front page requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
bulletLe Figaro French daily newspaper with Want Ads.
bullet France-Amérique- International edition of Le Figaro published in New York
bulletLes Échos daily French business newspaper with Want Ads
bulletNice-Matin French regional daily newspaper. Includes Want Ads. Front page requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
bullet Cyberpresse- Canadian news portal with Want Ads
bullet Le Soleil daily newspaper form Québec with some full text articles. Includes Want Ads.
bulletLe Soir Belgian daily newspaper. Includes Want Ads.
Currency Converter
bulletCurrency Converter by, The Currency Site.
French Grammar
bulletLe Passé Composé et l'Imparfait in HTML or RealVideo formats.
French Magazines
bulletL'Express selected articles from French weekly news magazine.
bulletLe Point French weekly news magazine
bulletl'Expansion French weekly business magazine.
bulletParis Match French weekly magazine
bulletPariscope French entertainment weekly
bulletTV Magazine French TV guide
bulletLe Nouvel Observateur French weekly magazine.
bulletCyberSciences- science news site run by the magazine Québec Sciences.
French Government
bulletThe President and Élysée Palace
bulletThe Prime Minister
bulletl'Assemblée Nationale
bulletLe Sénat
bulletThe French Embassy in the US Cultural Service of the French Embassy in the US - site with information on employment created from the merger of ANSE and ASSEDIC
bulletl'Académie Française
bulletMinistère de l'Equipement, des Transports et du Logement - Thème Logement portal for information on French government services including les allocations familiales
French Education
bulletFrench Ministry of Education- information on primary and secondary schools, the baccalauréat, universities, and les grandes écoles.
French History
bulletHistoire de France- Audio/video presentations on French history (with RealPlayer®) or view the HTML versions of the presentations using Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.
bulletThe Bayeux Tapestry depicts William the Conqueror's victory at Hastings.
bulletChambord castle
bulletChenonceau castle
bulletVersailles castle
Francophone Culture
bullet Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie- Maps, data, and articles on French-speaking countries
bullet Cultural Services of the French Embassy including monthly listing of French movies on TV in the US
bulletLes César- Site for the "French Academy Awards" from the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma
bulletYoussou N'Dour- official website of Senegalese singer
bulletAngélique Kidjo- official web site of singer from Bénin
bullet Black Ivory Soul video (300K high-speed Windows Media version)
bullet Angélique Kidjo: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador- from UNICEF web site with short bio; also press releases in French and English
bulletl'Invention de France- Audio/video presentation on French culture (with RealPlayer®) or view the HTML version of the presentation using Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.
bulletCinéfil- French movie database including current releases
bulletCanoë- French Canadian news and entertainment portal information on current movie releases in Montréal
bullet Online retailer's French Canadian home Online retailer's French home
bullet French Canadian video retailer (in French)
Francophone Comics (BD)
bullet The official site for Astérix, the famous French comic book character
bullet The official site for Lucky Luke, the famous French comic book character
bullet The official site for Tintin, the famous French comic book character
bullet - The official site for Gaston Lagaffe, the famous French comic book character
On visite le monde francophone
bulletLa Francophonie- information from Encyclopédies Hachette; contains links to articles about many French-speaking countries
bullet L'année de l’Algérie en France- site for the Year of Algeria in France (2003)
bulletDjazair 2003- site on Algeria

Slideshow of Tunisia (2001)- created by Dr. Nancy Virtue of Indiana University- Purdue University Fort Wayne

French Stores
bulletGaleries Lafayettes- department store
bulletFNAC- books and music
bulletPrintemps- department store
bulletLa Redoute- department store
bulletCasino- supermarket and cafeteria
bulletMonoprix & Prisunic- department stores
bulletBHV (Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville)- department store
bulletAuchan- hypermarché with on-line store
French Restaurants/Food
bulletOrangina- French soft drink company
bulletQuick- French fast-food restaurant
bulletHippopotamus- French steak house
bulletBuffalo Grill- French restaurant
bulletPizza Hut- French site
bulletCoca-Cola- French site
bulletEl Rancho- French site
French Transportation
bulletRégie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP)- Parisian metro and bus system
bulletSociété Nationale de Chemins de Fer Français (SNCF)- French trains information on the French high-speed train
bulletEurostar- information on the Paris-London TGV service
bullet Acela Express- information on Amtak's high-speed train
bulletAir France- French airline
bulletAéroports de Paris (ADP)-information on Orly and Roissy Charles de Gaule
bulletMichelin- travel guides by the French tire manufacturer
bulletMinistère de l'Équipement- information on French highways
bulletASFA- information on French autoroutes
French Technology & Industries
bulletLa Poste- French postal service
bulletFrance Télécom- French telecommunications company
bulletMinitel- information on French telecommunications service
bulletEuropean Space Agency (ESA)
bulletArianespace- Information on the Ariane booster rocket including info on the launch site in Kourou, French Guyana
Canadian Government
bulletCanadian Government Home Page in French and English
bulletGovernor General
bulletPrime Minister
bulletSupreme Court
Canadian Transportation
bulletSTCUM- Montreal metro
bulletVIA- Canadian trains
Canadian Industries
bulletPostes Canada- Canadian postal service

Why Study French?

bulletWhy Study French? web site listing the numerous advantages of learning and speaking French
bulletFrench at Saint Ignatius- a web-based presentation detailing the many benefits of studying French at Saint Ignatius (click on the Slide Show icon on the bottom right corner of the new window to hear the audio narration).  To download the full PowerPoint presentation (5.5 MB), click here.
bulletWhy Study French?- Saint Ignatius students explain why they chose to study French and discuss the benefits of their choice (requires Microsoft Windows Media Series 9 Player).
bulletWhy Study French? Flyer- information on the benefits of French study in general and at Saint Ignatius in particular (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
bulletFrench: The Most Practical Language web site by Richard Shryock at Virginia Tech explaining why French is the most practical foreign language to study
bulletStudent projects:
bulletStudent video- Why study French?- by Saint Ignatius student Justin Szwed '05
bulletStudent PowerPoint- Why study French?- by Jimmy Ibrahim '05
bulletStudent web site- French Says It- by Tan Carlin '05
bulletStudent web site- Why study French?- by Sinit Rin '05
bullet French in English- from AATF National Bulletin
bullet National French Week 2003
bullet Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie- Maps, data, and articles on French-speaking countries Cultural Services of the French Embassy including monthly listing of French movies on TV in the US
bulletAmerican Association of Teachers of French (AATF)
bulletAlliance Française USA

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